Dealing with emotions during divorce

The dissolution of a marriage is a difficult time often filled with strong emotions. When dealing with the particulars of divorce, many couples in Utah are increasingly choosing collaborative law, a process that determines a settlement without the need for litigation, as discussed in a previous blog. For it to work, both parties must be able to keep their feelings from getting the best of them. 

Finding healthy coping mechanisms is important to preventing negative emotions from playing too significant a role in divorce proceedings, according to So, it is beneficial for individuals to find healthy ways to support themselves during a divorce by keeping a journal, taking up new hobbies, exploring relaxation techniques and similar activities. Another essential step to help cope is to gain control over other stressors through prioritizing and organizing tasks.

According to Psych Central, it is important to avoid acting on intense emotions as much as possible during divorce proceedings. Doing so might lead to destructive consequences and disrupt the process. Instead, a person may take a moment away to overcome the emotion before going back to tackle a particular item. One way to do this is to learn to recognize certain emotions and associated behavior patterns as they arise. This provides a certain amount of control over them so that they are no longer the driving force of the actions. 

It might take time to achieve this level of control. Finding a safe place to explore feelings and emotions, such as therapy or conversations with a trusted loved one or counselor, provides space to explore feelings and learn to control the conduct. 


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