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Divorce in Utah: Choosing the right attorney

Due to the sensitive nature of Utah divorce cases, it is vital that people choose the right attorney to represent them and negotiate on their behalf.

Making the decision to divorce may be one of the most difficult that people in Utah, and elsewhere, will make in their lives. Unfortunately, the challenges do not stop there. There are a number of issues that must be settled before a couple's divorce can be finalized. For many people, the divorce attorney who they choose to represent them will play an integral role in the resolution of their cases. Thus, it is important that they choose the right attorney for their situation and family.

Ask for recommendations

It is common for people who are preparing for divorce to have relatives or friends who have gone through the experience before them. Rather than just choosing a name off of a list, it is recommended that they ask their family members and friends for recommendations. MORE magazine points out that people should also ask why they are recommending a particular attorney. This is because the needs of one person and family may not be the same as those of another. For instance, a person who is looking to achieve an amicable resolution to his or her case may not want to hire the same lawyer as a person who had to aggressively fight to obtain a fair settlement.

Research potential candidates

After speaking with their relatives and friends, people are advised to research the attorneys who they are considering. They should look into the qualifications of the legal representatives who they are thinking of hiring. It is important for those who are getting divorced to choose a lawyer whose strengths fit their needs. People may also find it helpful to read reviews from past clients to get an idea of whether an attorney is willing to tailor his or her approach to the client and situation.

Interview attorneys

Once people have narrowed down their list of recommendations to a few options, they should conduct interviews before making their choices. Often, those going through a divorce will build close relationships with their lawyers that last for months or, in some cases, years. They will rely heavily on their legal representative to help negotiate sensitive matters, including spousal maintenance, child custody and support, and the division of their marital assets, on their behalf.

A CNBC report recommends people consider lawyers' likeability and temperament when they are conducting their interviews. This may help ensure they choose an attorney who will be supportive and compassionate. Since they will have to work closely with their legal representative, people will want to hire a lawyer whose personality meshes with their own.

Don't forget the costs

In some cases, people's finances may be unsettled as they prepare for a divorce. They may have limited funds until their cases are resolved or their property division settlement is finalized. For this reason, it is important for people to ask the attorneys they are considering about their fees. This may help them prepare for the costs of their divorce, as well as avoid choosing a lawyer who is out of their price range.

Look to the future

For many Utahans who are divorcing, hiring a lawyer is an important first step toward their futures. The longer a matter is drawn out, the more difficult it may be for those involved. Having the right attorney on their side may help people to efficiently negotiate settlements with their soon-to-be former spouses so they are able to put their pasts behind them and begin the process of moving on.


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