Prenuptial agreements and property division

If you are in the middle of a divorce, you may have a number of issues in front of you, from child custody to an emotional dispute with your spouse. However, the distribution of marital property is often especially complicated and prenuptial agreements can have a significant impact on property division. At Just Law, LLC, our law firm knows how these matters can cause difficulties for families in Salt Lake City, and around the state of Utah.

When it comes to prenups, there are many angles to consider. For example, you may have been coerced into signing a prenup and want to prove that the agreement is invalid in order to gain access to property that you believe you should receive. There are a number of other reasons why courts view prenups as invalid, which can radically change how they divvy up marital property. Or, perhaps you are wondering how the prenuptial agreement you signed will have an impact on your assets once you and your spouse separate. Furthermore, you and your partner may be trying to figure out what to include in your prenup or you may want to modify the contract while you are married.

With property division and all other divorce topics, understanding your rights and identifying the smartest course of action is paramount. After all, it is vital for marital property to be split up in an equitable manner and for couples to focus on achieving a positive outcome, when possible.

If you head over to our page on property division, you can review more information that is relevant to prenuptial agreements.


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