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What is non-marital property?

From child support to alimony, there are a host of legal issues that people often have to deal with when separating from their spouse. However, property division can be especially emotional, which highlights the importance of understanding how courts decide to distribute property. If you are preparing to file for divorce in Salt Lake City, Utah, familiarizing yourself with the law and realizing how property is divided is important and may help prevent complications in the courtroom.

For divorcing couples, it is necessary to recognize that property division laws differ in various states. As a result, people who are splitting up with their spouse in Salt Lake City should focus on Utah's laws. On the Utah Courts' website, an overview of various property division topics is provided. When it comes to non-marital property, there are a few important points to keep in mind. For starters, non-marital property is property that an individual owned before their marriage, as well as property that someone received through inheritance or as a gift during the course of their marriage.

Typically, both parties will be able to retain their non-marital property. However, there are some instances where non-marital property may be subject to division. For example, if a couple combines non-marital property with marital property, or uses non-marital property in a manner that makes it legally become marital property, it may be divided.

Please understand that this piece was written to provide helpful information concerning property division and is not to be taken as a substitute for legal advice.


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