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Child support enforcement in Utah

According to the United States Department of Justice, child support enforcement issues are typically handled by local and state authorities. Although there are instances when federal authorities take action, it is usually best to report child support enforcement matters to law enforcement officials at the state and local level. As a result, it is fundamental for people in Salt Lake City who are dealing with issues related to child support enforcement to understand how these cases are handled in Utah.

On the website of the Office of Recovery Services, helpful information was published for parents who are looking into child support enforcement.The ORS provides various services, such as gathering information on non-custodial parents (address, assets and income), establishing paternity for children of unmarried parents and enforcing child support orders. There are a number of ways the ORS enforces child support orders, including withholding the income of non-custodial parents, levying their bank accounts, imposing liens on their property and reporting their back child support to credit bureaus, among others.

While the ORS offers useful services to custodial parents, they cannot guarantee that parents will receive the child support they are owed. Also, under Utah law, the ORS is only able to gather back child support for four years after the date that the last child in an order from Utah turns 18. For parents who are owed back child support, daily life is often challenging and some believe they will never receive the support they are owed. However, it is important for custodial parents to consider every option on the table and take advantage of the resources that are available.


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