Back child support to be deducted from lottery winnings

The creation of a child comes with a certain amount of responsibility and if the parents are not living in the same home or raising the child together, then one parent is likely asked to contribute to the child's financial needs. However, some parents in Salt Lake City fail in their obligation to pay child support, leaving the other parent to shoulder the entire expense. Failure to pay child support can lead to judgments ordered in a court that garnish wages, issue an arrest and a criminal charge, or can result in a term behind bars.

For the children of one man, who has failed in his obligation of supporting their every day expenses, the rule associated with a lottery winning will likely reimburse them for the $29,000 he owes them. According to the lottery organization, before the winner receives the final payment of a lottery win, any money owed for child support, taxes, and other legal obligations is deducted.

Since the man recently won a lottery of $338 million, which will equate to a $152 million payout, due to taxes, that amount will be turned over to some or all of his five children, depending on who he owes it to. The man is allegedly dealing with the child support claim.

When parents choose to ignore the needs of the children they are legally responsible for, it can cause undue hardships on those children. Parents are generally legally accountable for the education, health and development of their children. People addressing a child support issue may want to consider speaking with an experienced attorney for help.


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