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Facing your fears about divorce

The decision to file and finalize divorce is never easy. Even after couples grow apart and realize that the marriage has dissolved, they may wait years or even decades to file for divorce. Some will wait until the children move out or genuinely hope that things will turn around instead of facing the inevitable. If you are facing divorce, fear is normal. Remember that you are not alone and that most divorced or divorcing couples have had similar fears.

For couples in Salt Lake City, Utah, an experienced attorney can help you review the facts of your case, identify your concerns and protect your rights. Here are some common fears about divorce:

Losing custody and a relationship with children. Splitting up a family into two households is never easy. Both parents and children will have a difficult time adjusting, but an experienced attorney can protect your custody rights and ensure that a visitation schedule meets your needs and the best interests of your children.

Cost. Dividing income and creating two separate households after divorce can be expensive. Alimony and child support payments can also add up. An advocate can protect your financial interests during negotiation and settlement. Financial planning and adjusting your lifestyle will also allow give you the power to manage your transition.

Failure. Many couples will put off divorce because of the fear of "failure." In many situations, leaving a marriage is not only a last resort, but the only healthy option. Remember that divorce isn't failure, it is admitting your needs and the problems in your marriage so that you can move on.

Losing friends and family. It is likely that your social network may change after divorce. On the other hand, you can maintain shared friendships. Being open, honest, and respectful will prevent your friends and family from having to choose.

Being alone. This is one of the most common fears, but it is not a good reason to stay in a bad marriage. Many also fear growing old alone, but this is a common fear, even for those who are married. Life will change after divorce, but for many divorcees, life will change in positive ways. Empowerment in your life can mean new opportunities, new friendships, relationships, and a future of possibilities.


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