We were referred to Just Law, specifically Laura Hansen-Pelcastre, by a friend after a grueling three years of custody battle, two different lawyers, and over 30,000 dollars without an end in sight. Since hiring her less than a year ago she has done more for our case then anyone within three years has been able to do. Just Law has helped us tremendously and for the first time we can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. The very first day after choosing Just Law Laura Hansen-Pelcastre gave us her personal cell phone number and we can always reach her via text, phone or email. Even on weekends and holidays our messages or emails are answered promptly even if we were unable to contact her right away. Just Law has not only fair but affordable pricing and a quick phone call to our lawyer is not billed to us as the only thing we pay for is the work actually done. This is unheard of in the lawyer world. In fact when we were with the other lawyers we felt the only thing they cared about was money or winning. Now that we are with Just Law we feel the whole office cares about what really is best for the children.

Thank you Laura Hansen-Pelcastre and Just Law for helping us through this emotional time and for all of the things you have done and will do for our case.


I just wanted to thank you for the work you done and for your patience. From the beginning you understood what needed to be done legally. You had a big heart. You also understood the psychology of this. This needed to unravel for me and it did. I feel like I can look at this now and hear the things that we talked about at the first visit and that we needed to do all the steps we did it to get this done. Thank for understanding that I could get to acceptance of the psychological part of my marriage and the dynamic of it. You understood the craziness of it. You get it!


Laura Hansen-Pelcastre is an experienced, competent and caring attorney. She helped me through a difficult emotional time and I came out smelling like a rose. Her calm ness in the face of confrontational issues, and devotion to me as a client was extremely helpful through the process and I appreciate everything she did for me. The package billing process added much less stress to my daily stress levels than would a lawyer charging for services by the hour. The assistance and customer service provided by other members of Just Law LLC was also exemplary. I would recommend Laura Hansen-Pelcastre and the services of Just Law LLC to anyone I care about who is in need of a family law attorney. Thank you Laura Hansen-Pelcastre for everything.


I walked into this office absolutely war wounded and bleeding from my experiences. After having Laura Hansen-Pelcastre defend me I'm her cheerleader for life! I've fought for women's rights all my life so hate to sound "like such a girl" here, but in all my years of hearing hot shot attorneys argue cases I've never heard anyone argue with as much fire, passion and heart as this gal! Those boys on the other side of the courtroom didn't have a fighting chance. If you've got a good case, she's the lawyer you want! It really is about what's right, but you also need a lawyer who is willing to get behind you. LAURA HANSEN-PELCASTRE IS!


I hired Just Law LLC, back in October because my ex-husband had failed to pay on the obligations that he took on in our divorce decree. After that my case (to make it short) exploded into something that was horrible for myself and my children. Laura Hansen-Pelcastre was amazing at keeping me clam and letting me know that in the end it would all come out the way it should be. It has been a long few months but the whole time everyone in the office was very compassionate and loving while I had my breakdowns. I never thought I would make it through this difficult time in my life. But yesterday this awful situation came to an end and I got everything that was best for my children. One of the things about Just Law that is better than other Law Offices that I have dealt with is the flat rate fee that they offer. It feels great to know that when you are stressed and have question on your case that you can email them or call them and know that it is not going to cost you $250.00 dollars an hour for those answers. I can't say anything but great things about this office and everyone in it. Highly recommend them to anyone with family law issues.



This is the best law firm for divorce and child custody in the Salt lake area. I met Jessica S. Couser almost 3 years ago. I interviewed 3 other law firms and when I met Jessica S. Couser I new this is the person I want helping me with my custody issues. The other law firms were to concerned with money and less about the well being of me and my kids. When I wanted to give up because of the stress and money Jessica S. Couser kept me in the game and kept me positive. I am a client for life or at least till my kids are 18. If you want a smooth divorce or have an ex that keeps taking you back to court this is the law firm you want backing you threw the whole process. Just Law is amazing, I highly recommend them as they have made my life easier and stress free.


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