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Just Law represented Johnny, a 28 year old Dad who was forced to fight for full custody of his 3 year old daughter. One day, after year 2 years of being absent from her daughter's life, the mother took Johnny's daughter without informing him. Naturally, Johnny, who expected that the mother was abusing drugs, was devastated and afraid for his daughter's well-being. Our office was able to help him through this trying time, because we understood his despair and heartache. By working closely with Johnny, and by relying on our expertise and experience, we were able to use the court system to get Johnny his daughter back. He now has sole custody of his daughter, who is safe and secure in the home she knows and loves, and we at Just Law were glad to help.

We represented, Ted, a 28 year old dad who was fighting for full custody of his 3 year old daughter. After having her for 2 years without any involvement by mom, mom, who was suspected to be involved with drugs, took the child without his knowledge or permission. Our office understood his despair and heartache, knowing this very young child was living with people who were essentially strangers. We were able to use our expertise to get the court system to get his daughter back. He now has sole custody of his daughter and the mother has supervised visits. His daughter is safe and secure.

Because we at Just Law know just how important having a good lawyer is in a custody case, we are willing to work out payment plans with our clients, so that everyone can have the chance to have their voice heard. We also are sensitive to the unique challenges to parents and spouses who serve in the military. One circumstance when a good parent and military service member was forced to defend her good name is the case of Cindy, an Air Force service member who shared joint custody with her ex-husband. At one point, Cindy was asked to relocate by the Air Force to Washington D.C., a sacrifice commonly made by our armed services personnel. The father made false allegations of abuse against Cindy, and filed protective orders to force their nine year old son and five year old daughter to stay in Utah when she moved. Just Law was able to help, and successfully petitioned the court to have an expedited custody evaluation to determine just what was in the best interest of the children. Because Cindy's budget was being stretched by the move and by child support payments, we set her up on a payment plan and fought to have her rights restored. After the custody evaluation, the protective order was revoked, and the children were allowed to move to Washington D.C. to be with Cindy. Now Cindy is receiving child support payments and has custody of her children.

The circumstances in each divorce are different, and we at Just Law are sensitive to the unique challenges that can arise in a marriage. Susie was over 60 years old before her adult children encouraged her to seek divorce from her emotionally abusive husband of 45 years. Susie had been a stay at home mom who had moved over 30 times while she supported her husband's career and raised their children. The staff at Just Law helped to walk her through that very difficult time. We were able to provide both emotional support and legal advice during her divorce, and because Just Law doesn't bill by the hour, Susie was able to talk to the staff without having to worry about cost. We helped her to get a real understanding of what she was entitled to and through diligence and experience we were able to find hidden accounts and other financial resources that Susie's husband was trying to keep from her. Armed with this information, we helped her to get a financial settlement that has enabled her to buy a small condo, a new car, and to fulfill a life-long dream of attending college. She is now a full-time student at the University of Utah, is involved in a new relationship with a wonderful, kind man, and is thrilled to have a fresh start and a new life.

Even parents and spouses who are dedicated to resolving their marital problems need legal help from time to time. DJ is a 47 year old husband and father who worked hard to provide his family with financial support. As a result of his work schedule and the support he provided to his stay-at-home wife, he was not the primary care of his three children. Even after discovering that his wife was having an affair, with their son's soccer coach, DJ tried to save his marriage, but, unfortunately, his wife continued the affair. Like many parents who are engaged and involved in their children's lives, DJ's biggest concern was that his wife would try to prevent him from being actively involved in his children's lives. So DJ decided to file for divorce and hired Just Law. With our help, DJ was able to secure joint custody of his children, and he is now a happy, involved father.

Missy is a dedicated 35 year old mother of two young boys, who has had sole custody of her children since her separation. The children's dad, who only visited them every other weekend, decided that he didn't want to have his wage garnished for child support payments and took it on himself to change the custody. One weekend, he refused to return the children and filed false allegations of sexual abuse which resulted in him receiving a temporary protective order against Missy. We helped Missy to clear her good name, but most importantly, we helped Missy to get a court order directing the police to help get her kids back safely in her custody. We worked with the police department, the Children's Justice Center, the Department of Child and Family Services, and hand-in-hand with Missy to prove that the allegations against her were false, and to put things right. With our help, Missy got her children back, and Missy's children were put back into the only home they know and love. Since that time, we discovered that the dad had been using drugs. He had even thrown one of the children down the stairs and physically abused him. Missy was able to get an order preventing him from having the children, unless he paid to have the visit professionally supervised. Now, Missy and her children are receiving counseling, and Missy is proud to say that her children are on the honor roll at school.

Just Law can also help parents who are worried that their current custody arrangements are not in their children's best interests. As children grow, the challenges faced by their families change, and parents sometimes need the help of the court system to meet these changing needs. Beth is a dedicated mother who whose oldest son had been living with his father after a fairly bitter custody dispute. Beth watched as her son grew into a young man, and as a teenager suffered and wilted under his father's custody, eventually turning to experimenting with drugs and turning away from healthy interests and activities. Beth came to Just Law after her son suffered a medical emergency related to drug use at his school, determined to get her son into her home and under her supervision, and back on the right track. Less than a month after retaining the services of our firm, we were able reach an agreement and Beth was granted physical custody of her son, who was back to living in her home. Just Law not only got Beth custody of her son, bust also helped her through some very trying emotional times with our professional experience in family law and our personal investment in our clients.

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