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No Billable Hour

We are proud to be the first Law Office in the State of Utah that does not use a billable hour! At Just Law, LLC, we support an innovative and cost-effective approach to legal fees. For most cases we provide a fee-for-service billing system that allows you to know exactly what your legal fees will be at each stage of your case.

First, we discuss your case individually with you and learn about your goals and your needs. Then, we tailor a custom fee structure that is fair and reasonable for you.  Whenever possible, we use flat fees, limited representation, and outcome incentive agreements so that your legal needs are met with the most efficient and competent attorney product possible.  Additionally, for those who need it, we will negotiate extended payment arrangements, credit card payments, and trades for services or goods to ensure that our services are accessible to those who need it.

Most firms demand large retainers and bill your legal matter at an hourly rate. We believe the "billable hour" (the measurement many attorneys use to bill clients on an hourly basis in 6-minute increments) is an outdated method of billing clients that can encourage slow and ineffective legal assistance. At Just Law, you will always know your costs  before you agree to proceed.

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Our office is located in an English Tudor located directly behind Cafe Layla Meditteranean Grill. We are located east of Holladay Boulevard in Holladay, Utah which is in Salt Lake County, just South of Salt Lake City. Click Here for More Detailed Directions